COVID 19 has had a devastating effect on everyone’s life and businesses. And will continue to do so for some time yet. It has thrown up new challenges both to everyday life and business.

The “new normal” is a phrase we are all getting used to hearing.

Omnis has been working hard to face up to these challenging times and has taken steps to ensure we can provide COVID safe programmes for all our clients.

We have developed new sports/activities which reduce physical contact, equipment sharing and provide social distancing.

We have produced a COVID risk assessment which outlines all our new sport/activities and includes all our new working procedures and protocols.

Both Louis and Richard have undergone specific COVID training and now have a COVID-19 awareness training qualification, this is supported by CIMSPA and Sport England.

Omnis will continue to develop and maintain its high standards of service and delivery and will strive to support all its clients as best it can.