Omnis coming into our classroom gives pupils and staff a lift. They're like a breath of fresh air. 
Its amazing how much K has grown in confidence, and Omnis are big part of that. 
Having Omnis come in and deliver sport activities to our group, frees up our staff to focus on personal care. 
Day Centre Manager
I never liked sport before coming to one of the evening clubs, but now, I try all different types of sport every week. 
Young Person who attends an evening sports club.
We have a lot of people come in and do nice activities in our school, the difference with Omnis is that we see progression in our pupils.
The unique thing about Omnis is it’s totally inclusive. Richard and Louis adapt the sessions to suit every single child so nobody is left out. Because of this many children are gaining an introduction to a whole new world they previously could only watch from the side lines.
“Everyone benefits in a different way and those benefits are felt long after the sessions are over. Children with physical challenges find their day-to-day mobility is improved, while others benefit from new friendships and confidence.
“By bringing so many families together Omnis has also built a lovely, positive community and that kind of support network is crucial for families – especially those whose children face specific physical and behavioural challenges.”
Community Centre Manager 
Transmit Startups’ Business Support Director Damian Baetens said: 
“Richard and Louis’s company not only delivers huge benefits to the people it directly supports but also acts as a fantastic example to future entrepreneurs by demonstrating that social purpose can be at the heart of successful business.”